LED therapy $85 – 45 min

LED therapy is the best non-invasive method.  As you know, photo- and chronoaging of the skin comes with age, and if you are scared of some radical procedures, as well as to maintain skin turgor/elasticity, LED therapy will be indispensable.  Also, LED therapy improves the production of its own collagen and elastin in the matrix.  Each light has its own function:

Infrared (750-1000 nm) – penetrates deeper into the skin for amplified results;

Purple (400-420 nm) – increases cell regeneration and renewal;

Blue (440-500 nm) – eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reduce acnes.

Cyan (500-520 nm) – calms and soothes irritated skin. Supports in reducing the size of swollen capillaries.

Green (520-565 nm) – helps even skin complexion for naturally beautiful skin.

Yellow (565-590 nm) – alleviates redness from inflammation, sunburn and rosacea.

Orange (590-625 nm) – promotes a brighter glow for more radiant skin. Adds vitality to dull, lifeless complexions.