Face extraction is a process by which you can cleanse skin pores – to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Clogged pores and dead skin cells are the major reasons for excess sebum, blackheads and pimples on your skin. Facial extraction process can be performed using a mechanical instrument or by using manual procedures. Manual Extraction Facial procedure is usually performed using the fingers wrapped in tissues while in the mechanical extraction a special tool known as pore extractor is used for facial extraction. We use sterile needles to remove whiteheads. The loop is placed around the clogged pores and the tool is pressed on the skin and cleansing the pore by pressure. After this procedure you skin looks clean and healthy. Indications: mixed, oily and acne prone skin, problematic skin (dilated orifices of sebaceous glands, blackheads, excessive sebum secretion, oily skin with a tendency towards an excessive shine.

$85 • 1 hour 30 min

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