It is a technique that uses weak, low-frequency modulated impulse currents. Upon the influence of microcurrents, biophysical processes are activated in cells, that giving skin therapists an effective tool against the signs of skin aging. There are a lot of types of different tissues in the body and each one has a different, its own signature electrical frequency. Microcurrent Therapy is designed to recover natural cell frequencies. Functions of Microcurrent Therapy: noninvasive skin lifting (face and body), lymph drainage, reprogramming of muscles.

Benefits of microcurrent treatments:

• Bio-lifting of sagging, wrinkled, skin which lost elasticity.
• Eliminating of dark circles and eye bags.
• Enlarged pores cleaning and contraction.
• Cleared up or reduced acne
• Depigmentation, whitening.
• Non-surgical face correction.
• Improvement of penetration of nutrients and medical preparations into skin tissue.
• providing of anti-aging treatment.
• Hydrated and revitalized skin
• stimulate the process of skin rejuvenation and skin health improving.
• Improving of blood circulation, lymph drainage.

To perform Microcurrent Therapy we use unique Alvi Praque F-3 machine.

Microcurrent Therapy Machine has 4 treatment modes.

P1 mode is used for reprogramming of mimic muscles. It is restoration of muscle tonicity, myotrophy, metabolic process.

P2 mode is called microionophoresis (ionic mesotherapy). It is considered to be the alternative to mesotherapy treatment. This kind of microcurrent treatment is based on insertion of medical preparations into the skin tissues with the help of current. Combined effect of medical solution and current increases penetration of the inserted solution into the skin.

P3 mode is used for facial and neck skin lifting treatment (it can be used for body works as well). This mode improves facial muscles tonicity and is used for elimination of wrinkles and sagging skin treatment. It is used sub sensor stimulation in which the current is several tens of microamperes and no visible muscle contraction.

P4 mode is used for lymphatic drainage (surface or deep). Also, it can be used for body treatment. Lymphatic drainage therapy is used to remove excess liquid from tissues. It is recommended for elimination of toxins, improving of blood circulation in all skin tissues, rosacea treatment, telangiectasia. This mode is successfully used for elimination of after-surgery edemas, and after laser peel puffiness and any other aesthetic treatments. It also shows a good result in combination with RF-therapy (radiofrequency lifting).

So on this device we are working on all three areas: face lines, neck lines and cleavage lines.

Microcurrent facials have immediate results that peak on the third day and last about 3-6 weeks. The total duration of the treatment is about 90 minutes. When you book this procedure plan your time to be 2 hours in our SPA. The course is 10-15 treatments, every 2-4 days, refresher course of treatment is in 6 months. It is also desirable to conduct supporting procedures 1-2 times per month. As the result skin puffiness is reduced, skin elasticity is improved, nasolabial furrows are lifted, and skin complexion is refreshed.

$160 • 1 hour 30 min

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