Free-needle mesotherapy or electroporation directly affects the skin, intensively increasing the permeability of the skin. Under the influence of the effect of electroshock, infiltrates are formed in the lipid mobilizers of the cells and at the same time hydrophilic molecules that were not absorbed initially can penetrate into the internal structures of the cells. After the formation of infiltrates from a few seconds to a few minutes, they will be open in accordance with the length and flexibility of the electric shock.

The principle of electroosmosis is to activate the molecules of a substance that can supply a positive current to positively charged molecules.

A session of electroporation occurs with the help of a special device that is able to open ion channels and promotes the penetration of nutrients into the epidermis and dermis of the skin. Ion channels are cell membrane transport proteins that surround water pores. Under the action of a weak electric field, the ion channels open up, the molecules of the cosmetic product are more actively passed through and give the opportunity to penetrate them deep into the skin.

Electroporation is also used to introduce hyaluronic acid, which is directly responsible for the elasticity and hydration of the skin. As a result, after the session, the skin’s water balance is restored, the metabolism is normalized and the synthesis of elastin and collagen in the skin is activated.

This method of facial rejuvenation is combined with any cosmetic procedures. And the use of ampoules with special active ingredient makes it possible to solve many aesthetic problems and dermatological diseases.

Our free-needle therapy (sonophoresis and electroporation combined) is applied with the advanced electro-mesotherapy gel, which contains unique combinations of multiple natural active ingredients at high concentrations: highly purified vitamins, botanical extracts, aminoacids, peptides, all with well researched lipolytic, circulation-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-glycation, skin firming, skin repairing and antioxidant action combine to fight skin flabbiness and skin ageing.

The procedure is suitable for all age groups and for any skin type. We provide a choice of 5 ampoules, just choose what you need.