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The procedure “Phantomas” — nutritious procedure, corrects skin tone and impurities. 

“Phantomas” – procedure that is based on alginate mask, saturates skin with minerals and vitamins, removes toxins and slags. It refreshes skin by the means of sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, sodium triphosphate, menthol.
Allergen: menthol!

For all skin types, anti-puffiness, anti-cuperosis, if you don’t know what to pick, this is perfect for MEN.

Benefits of Phantomas Facial:

• Quickly restores skin, gives an immediate smoothing and lifting effect, relieves redness and inflammation.

• Improves skin color and texture – brightens, narrows pores

•  Promotes deeper penetration of nutrients applied under the mask

•  Prevents premature skin aging

•  It has an antioxidant effect, stimulates collagen synthesis, increases blood circulation by the means of lymphatic drainage-massage.

•  Suitable for express care, including for the skin around the eyes. Wonderful refreshing effect.

$85 • 1 hour 

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