BioPhyto Herbal Peel is performed by several steps. It is a luxurious combination of plants that creates strong sensations of cold and warm. Detoxifies, eliminates excess sebum, toxins and damaged cells. Improves trophic, promotes micro-circulation and micro-capillary flexibility for effective delivery of oxygen to cells, supports surface cell turn-over and strengthens defense properties. Prevents breakouts . It is a powerful enhancer of healthy and beautiful-looking skin. Helps to solve skin problems such as seborrhea, couperoses, oily, pale and hypotonic skin. Dead Sea Calming Alginate mask includes BioTech Algae complex that enhances mitochondrial membrane potential in cells, transforming potential energy into available energy. A powerful free-radical scavenger, protecting and stimulating while oxygenating. This mask clam the skin, improves tonicity, tone and texture. Restores skin to its vitality and glow. The skin appears hydrated, smooth and radiant.

$120 • 1hour 30 min

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